Kävele Valsaínin läpi

Options for those who are not riding horses

Walk through the village: Link Wikiloc: https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-senderismo/la-pradera-de-navalhorno-valsain-82283299

Cruz de la Gallega excursionLink Wikiloc: Walk to La Cruz de la Gallega


1. We leave La Hilaria, cross the Ctra. De Madrid through the pedestrian crossing and right in front we have a downward path that will take us straight to the bridge over the Eresma river.

2. Bridge over the Eresma river. (The Wikiloc route begins here). We went up Robledo Street to an intersection about 750 meters from the bridge.

3. Upon reaching the intersection, we take the road to the right if we have to go to the horses.

4. At the intersection we take a paved track to the left if we go for a walk through the town or to the Cruz de la Gallega.

5. About another 700 meters, we take a dirt road to the left if we want to return to the town. To go to Cruz de la Gallega we would follow the trail head-on.


       Once at the Cruz de la Gallega, we see an intersection of tracks, we can take the one in front a few meters, where we will see a panoramic view of Segovia.

6. We came to a small ruined church. At this point we deviate a bit along Calle del Palacio until we find an esplanade with an old granite door, an entrance to the palace.

7. From inside you can see the ruins of the Valsaín palace, with some of its towers still standing. We go back and skirt the facade of the palace, or what remains of it. We pass under a house, where you can see one of the towers currently used as a house.

8. We turn left following C / Palacio until we reach the bridge again, we cross it and then we turn right through Barrio Nuevo, where we will find the new church. We continue bordering until we reach the Madrid Ctra. That we will take (carefully) until we reach La Hilaria.


Los Maestros, 7 bajo  ·  Palazuelos de Eresma (Segovia)