from the Aqueduct to the Alcázar

Guided tour of the historic center of Segovia World Heritage Site

Do you feel like discovering the historical center of this beautiful city? An enjoyable and fun guided tour to learn about the history, legends and anecdotes of this World Heritage City. Between the Aqueduct and the Alcázar, walking close to the Cathedral, next to the Main Square.

Accompanied by an official guide, we will walk through the main street of the old town. We will start the visit since the Aqueduct, our star monument. Of course, we will finish visiting the Alcázar. In between, a street/shopping center full of life and entertainment, such as Royal street,  we will visit monuments, such as the Cathedral, the last Gothic cathedral built in Spain. It is also known as the "Lady of the Cathedrals" and it is located in the Main Square. The Plaza de Medina del Campo, with the Romanesque church of San Martín. Emblazoned houses, shops, restaurants... a perfect set for a perfect guided tour. If we add to that the friendliness and knowledge of our guides... 

What more can we ask for? Well, the possibility of entering one of its monuments, such as the Cathedral or the castle.

Ruta de la Visita guiada "Segovia Patrimonio de la Humanidad"


Are you ready to enjoy a wonderful guided tour with our expert and entertaining guide? 


1. We begin our guided tour by the Roman Aqueduct with more than 2,000 years of history and right after that we will walk the  Royal street which is full of life that will take us through the old town of Segovia. 

2. A few meters from the Aqueduct we find the house of the peaks which was called the house of the jew in the middle age. 

3. From here to the main square of the city we will walk around several monuments and buildings such as: Juan Bravo statue, church of san Martin, old jail, old sinagoge. 

4. In the main square, we can see the church of San Miguel, where Isabella the Catholic was crowned as queen of Castile in 1474 and the "Lady of the Cathedrals", the beautiful Segovian Cathedral, the last gothic cathedral built in spain. 

5. We leave to the Plaza de la Merced, with the church of San Andrés, which begins the neighborhood of Las Canonjías, an obligatory step to reach the Alcázar.

6. We finish in the Alcázar, that great Segovian fortress. We visited the interior of this wonderful fairy castle, residence of the Catholic kings and other kings for a long time ending this visit that seems more like a movie script. 

GROUP RESERVATIONS. Data of interest

DURATION: 1 hour. 30 min. (without monuments) / 2 h. 30m. (with monuments)

DISTANCE: 1.5 km.

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, French and German.

MONUMENTS: Cathedral and Alcázar (optional)

GROUPS: school, work, associations, friends or families...


GROUP SIZE: from 1 to 50 people

INCLUDES: official guide

AUDIOGUIDES: voluntary. Those are a requirement if you enter the Alcázar

PETS: not allowed

ROUTE START: Aqueduct (Normally but it can be changed)

END OF THE ROUTE: Alcázar (Normally but it can be changed)

MORE INFORMATION: fill in the reservation form or write to

TO RESERVE: fill in the form

CONFIRMATION: with the confirmation of the visit we will send you the reservation form with all the necessary information: meeting point, contacts...


Cancellation 24 hours before the visit: penalty of 100% of the amount of the reservation.


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Paula / España / 16-3-2023

Very enjoyable tour and well explained.


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